Our entrepreneurial spirit allows us to operate in a flexible and efficient manner


Our mission is to identify, streamline, and deliver risk-mitigated real asset and cutting-edge technology opportunities for our clients. By collaborating with strategic partners, we strive to source stable and attractive projects from and to our clients through a single personalized platform, plus supply support through stages of development, growth, and maturity.


Our vision is to be the trusted personalized service provider and partner to our institutional and commercial clients with tailor-made solutions for a positive environmental impact. By being at the forefront of the emerging investment trend of addressing global needs with sustainable practices, we can facilitate unique opportunities through transparent, risk-averse natural resource projects, tangible real estate assets and emerging “green” technologies. Considering the current global economic situation and the appetite of today’s conscious investor, we strive to provide financial solutions with sustainable, liquid, and attractive yielding assets.


As a new type of boutique financial company, RAFP is distinguished from competitors through a global presence and wide-reaching network, combined with dedicated local contacts. These strategic partnerships enable our clients to expand their interests internationally as desired and achieve their objectives.

RAFP advances real assets and technology investment opportunities to assist global needs in a sustainable, environmentally conscious method while providing consistent, attractive returns for our clients. Great strides in scientific innovations allow for water clean-up, on-site renewal and reclamation of the land while extracting highly valued minerals in what had been deemed waste heaps on abandoned mining sites.

RAFP believes the greatest opportunity lies in the natural resources sector. Global competition for technology-based solutions to deliver efficiencies to growing populations across all industries require a return to fundamentals. Early investors understand the world’s increasing consumption and reliance on elemental resources—earth, water, sun, and wind—and will be well-positioned to benefit in the future.


We serve our clients in a systematic way by:

  • fully understanding their objectives

  • identifying issues they face

  • analyzing problems and root causes of those issues

  • assessing big picture perspective and opportunities

  • designing an achievable vision

  • applying that long-term solution to fulfill their needs




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