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RA Financial Partners, LLC (RAFP), a Delaware limited liability company founded in 2017, is an independent boutique financial company active in natural resource development, emerging environmental-based technology and commercial real estate. RAFP operates in three principal areas of service to our institutional investors and commercial partners: financial solutions, mergers and acquisitions and business development consulting. RAFP is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA.




Global demand for sustainable deployment of our shared natural resources grows daily. Yet experts who understand the inextricable links between the fundamental elements, advanced technology, and enhanced quality of life are in short supply.

Fortunately, scientific advances have allowed us to apply new methods to wring even more value from areas long considered wastelands. Water can be purified, and non-recyclable trash regenerated into energy. Even toxic mine heaps can be scoured again, this time responsibly retrieving the tiniest nuggets of precious metals and critical minerals valued by our mobile, tech-reliant lifestyle. Once the earth has been restored as a viable habitat, fresh opportunities abound for converting those regions into thriving commercial and industrial hubs.

The seasoned team at RA Financial Partners brings a world of wealth-creating experience to investors seeking to be at the forefront of this next era of repurposing natural resources for 21st century needs and beyond. Through targeted impact investing, we can develop better energy efficiency; apply breakthrough technology to clean up and reclaim abandoned lands; and re-form the basic building blocks of profitable real assets and enterprise in extraordinary locales worldwide.

Grounded between tapping deep into earth’s treasure and harnessing the regenerative power of sun and wind, RAFP offers solutions and services to plan your future and have a long-lasting, positive impact on your environment for generations to come.



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